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Scientific Lab Products Supplier

Pascal Founders boast a combination of several years of experiences in the field of scientific equipment supplies laboratory design and laboratory Installations.
We  provide invaluable services to our clients by our consistent services of reliable laboratory instruments and reagent that are of international standard.

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Suggested Products 

  • TANDA R Termal Vacuum Steam Sterilizer

    TANDA R Termal Vacuum Steam Sterilizer

    * Adopting European N Standard, with termal vacuum and drying functions, it can be used for A-type hollow instruments and solid instruments. Termodynamic vacuum gurantees elimination of cold air from the cavity and makes sure that reachs the optimal effect of sterilization. * Various of sterilizing water quantity selections are respectively for different material, which […]

  • TANZO E Termal Vacuum Steam Sterilizer

    TANZO E Termal Vacuum Steam Sterilizer

    TANZO E Termal Vacuum Steam Sterilizer 1. It adopts European B standard with 3-times pre-vacuum preceding vacuum drying. Residual humidity is less than 0.2%. 2. The vacuuming can reach -0.8bar, compatible for various instrument, including package, unpacked, solid, hollow, multi-apertures and inset pipes. It makes sure the instrument can be sterilized completely. 3. Fuzzy-computer controlled […]

  • F96 Pro Fluorescent Spectrophotometer

    F96 Pro Fluorescent Spectrophotometer


    * Whole aluminum metal alloy die-castings.
    * The emission monochromator adopts 1200 line diffraction grating, its large aperture and non-spherical reflecting mirrors produces extra high sensitivity.
    * High stable and long life Xenon lamp and it’s power ensure high stable testing and wide range of spectrum.
    * High performance photomultiplier to gain best signal-noise ratio.
    * Built in SCM technology,auto 0% and auto background subtraction.
    * 0-7 stage gain adjustment.
    * Real time fluorescence reading and concentration printout.
    * Sigle-point sample concentration direct reading ability.
    * Provide 2 working modes: main unit test mode and software test mode.
    * Quantitative and qulitative software with PC, full automation, three regular fuction, kinetics measurement, quantitative measurement and spectrum scan.

  • S410 NIR Spectrophotometer

    S410 NIR Spectrophotometer

    * Transmission NIR,mainly used for liquid samples qualitative and quantitative analysis, applies to gasoline, drinks, milk and other areas of nutrients, water chemistry and other physical properties of the rapid non-destructive analysis determination.
    * Single-channel whole spectrum scanning.
    * Easily updated.
    * Fast scan, wavelength calibrates time from 900nm to 1700nm less than 2 minutes.
    * Built in SCM technology, auto 0% and auto background subtraction.

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