SalvisLab Thermocenter Mechanical Convection Ovens

New SalvisTEQ touch screen controller provides dynamic control behavior, shorter heat-up times, and higher precision
  • Predictive controller monitors what it has done, where it is, and where it wants to go in order to achieve the outcome in the most efficient manner
  • SalvisTEQ is Class 3.3 safety rated with lower and upper temperature limit protection
  • Stainless steel interior and shelves resist aggressive substances
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Short heating and precise temperature control make these ovens ideal for a variety of heating and drying tasks. High-quality insulation and airtight design prevent heat loss — these ovens heat your samples, not your lab. Ovens feature an oversized heat ring and adjustable-speed fan to ensure excellent uniformity. In addition to cool-touch operation, these ovens have an insulated silicone door seal that prevents the escape of harmful fumes. The heater and blower stop as soon as you open the oven door.

All-new SalvisTEQ controller has touch screen operation that is clearly laid out and intuitive to operate. Controller features real-time temperature monitoring during the heating-up phase, set point temperature, gradient and actual temperature. The predictive nature of the controller continually monitors oven operation to ensure it operates in the most efficient manner.

Fan control allows fan speed to be adjusted between 40/60 and 100%. Programmable timer let’s you to set start time as well as hold time at a desired temperature and simple start/stop button. Other features include self-check for hardware and software issues on each boot, real-time clock, simple switching between °F and °C, 20 MB of internal storage, acoustic and visual alarms, and standard USB connection.


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