TANZO E Termal Vacuum Steam Sterilizer

1. It adopts European B standard with 3-times pre-vacuum preceding vacuum drying. Residual humidity is less than 0.2%.
2. The vacuuming can reach -0.8bar, compatible for various instrument, including package, unpacked, solid, hollow, multi-apertures and inset pipes. It makes sure the instrument can be sterilized completely.
3. Fuzzy-computer controlled program, LCD display. The interface is modularized panel for easy operation.
4. Auto/manual water filling.
5. 4-button panel with the LCD display, so convenient.
6. Build-In printer which can record the sterilizer information.


Chamber Size
Outside Size
Package Size
Net weight
TANDA E23 220V/1700W    Φ245*470 675*470*400 765*560*495 53



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